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Free Tube Hosting: Smutnode, HostedTube and EasyXSites Compared

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Having a few domains spare and not a lot of time; I wanted to ‘dip my toe’ into the world of tubes to see if traffic would convert better than simply using Sedo’s PPC parking program.

There are three ‘Hosted Tube’ solutions known to me and all three offer a varying degree of control with regards to advertisements, content and design.

I’ll go through all three of these solutions listing the pros and cons.

Hosted Tube by Pimp Roll

The first and probably most reputable solution is Hosted Tube by Pimproll.

It’s a very well thought out tool, offering options to create custom logos, mobile sites and a whole host of other configurations.


  • Over 60,000 videos available
  • Over 100 niches - 65 Straight, 35 Gay and Trans also available
  • Bulk import tool for domainers (100 domains/import)
  • Stats panel to view your traffic
  • 21 themes with optional custom backgrounds
  • Powerful logo creator with a huge selection of fonts
  • Option to choose player ads, disable ads and choose between Pimproll (PPS and Revshare) and Traffic Force (PPC) Ads
  • Favicon option
  • Content blocks, allowing you to position content as you wish
  • SEO options to increase rankings and reduce duplicate content detection


  • Changing niche involves emailing support - they explained to me that this was in order to protect affiliates from losing traffic which I understand even if it is inconveniant
  • You must push Pimproll’s program and/or Traffic Force - again this is understandable considering that they are paying for hosting etc. But it would be nice to offer an option to skim traffic and allow custom ads
  • To view PPS revenue stats you have to go to Pimproll’s sister site
  • Lack of micro-niches to choose from

All in all, Pimproll’s solution is pretty polished and great if you have little time to spend customising your site. If you want to simply park a domain and earn more revenue than PPC, then Pimproll is a great choice.

Checkout a demo of Hosted Tube: Face Fuckers

Smutnode BETA

Smutnode is still in BETA so any problems in this review may have been fixed, therefore I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

I consider Smutnode to be the middle of the three as it offers more options allowing you to choose which program you promote, the flip side is that it requires more work to setup.

Nothing in life is free so Smutnode skims 10% of your traffic, directing it to other tube sites as payment for use of it’s system which is pretty resonable for an ‘off the shelf’ solution.

Smutnodes panels can be a little confusing and hard to use. Advertisments can be grouped in order to rotate them later on your site which is a good feature, however in order to group ads you must type in the group name instead of selecting from a drop down. There is also an edit option missing, so if you want to change an ads group you must delete and re-create it. Very annoying.

Slutnodes widgets allow you to place blocks of content so you can choose the position of advertisments, text, links and videos.

Video niches are based on tags, which is great as you can basically choose any niche you want provided videos are available for that tag.


  • Tag based niches
  • Custom advertisments including placeholders next to videos
  • Traffic charts to view vistor numbers
  • Custom links to allow link-trading
  • SEO options for all META fields
  • Custom pages


  • Data entry is made repetitive by lack of edit and dropdown elements
  • Themes look the same (Bootstrap) and aren’t very customisable
  • No mobile sites only redirections
  • Even with blocks designs waste space which could be used for ads
  • No pop-under option

Checkout a demo of Smutnode: Thai Girls

EasyXSites BETA

Like Smutnode, EasyXSites is in BETA so any problems in this review may have been fixed, therefore I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

EasyXSites is the most customisable of the bunch. It allows you to dump in XML feeds from any program you choose, uploads, custom channels, user registration and everything else that the underlying Tube Ace script allows.

EasyXSites skims 5% of your traffic, directing it elsewhere as payment.


  • Based on Tube Ace which allows a lot of configuration and customisation
  • Custom channels, ads and video players
  • Video player ad overlays
  • Plugrush integration


  • Sourcing videos to use can be hard
  • Doesn’t look great out of the box
  • Takes time to configure before you are ready to go

If you know of any other solutions or just want to post your 2-cents then please comment below.